iCET was invited sharing users real fuel consumption researches on China Automotive Testing Cycle (CATC) verification workshop
China Automotive Testing Cycle (CATC) project was initiated by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and launched in 2015, and was lead developed by its auto research arm, China Automotive Technology Research Center (CATARC). On January 6, the CATC verification workshop was held in Tianjin. A total of 34 research institutes, including 2 testing institutes, 17 domestic independent auto companies, 7 joint ventures and 8 foreign auto companies participated in the CATC verification research work which was released at the event, and about 50 organizations attended the discussion that followed the presentation of research results.
China Clean Transportation Partnership 1st Workshop was successfully held!
On December 20, 2017, experts and representatives from clean transportation sector gathered together for the first workshop of the China Clean Transport Partnership (CCTP) to discuss the potential and significance of energy saving and emission reduction of conventional vehicles against background NEVs development.
CCTP Held the First Executive Committee Meeting
China Clean Transportation Partnership held the first Executive Committee Meeting at Energy Foundation Beijing office. As the secretariat, iCET organized the meeting. China Clean Transportation Partnership (CCTP) is a non-official, non-profit and voluntary platform for communication, cooperation and insight delivery, which is co-established by organizations who wish to study and promote the innovative mechanism of China’s clean transportation. The first Executive Committee member are from Energy Foundation, iCET, CATS, VECC, Tsinghua University, SAE, CATARC, Beijing Transport Institute, Shanghai Electric Vehicle Public Data Collecting Monitoring and Research Center and Clean Air Asia, 11 organizations in total.
iCET shared 2017 BestEV analysis result at the “5th China New Energy Vehicle Development Summit”
iCET was invited to present its work on NEV policy and promotion at 5th China New Energy Vehicle Development Summit, organized by lnnopen and held in Ningbo on November 2nd. Ms Emma Wang, iCET’s Clean Transportation Transformation Project Manage, also shared the 2017 BestEV analysis results.
iCET presented 2017 BestEV analysis result at the “2017 China Six-City NEV Consumer Survey Release Seminar”
iCET was invited to share its 2017 BestEV ranking analysis at the China Six-City NEV Consumer Seminar held in Shanghai Automobile City on October 30th. Participants included the Beijing Transport Institute, The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), The Climate Group, and Ipsos. Ms Emma Wang, iCET Clean Transportation Transformation Project Manager, further contributed to the panel discussion by sharing complementary work learnings and thoughts on potential areas for future collaboration.
iCET released China's 1st BestEV ranking results
On September 22nd, iCET and its BestEV coalition members held China's first transparent and credible crowed-sourced EV ranking release. About 50 experts, media representatives, researchers, as well as auto and EV supply chain companies, attended the release. The results of two years of intensive methodology design, stakeholder engagement, online platform formation, and marketing – look promising. As many as 2,000 completed surveys, covering 95 EV models, were analyzed.
iCET released its 7th Green Car China Ranking report
On August 15th 2017, iCET released its 7th Green Car China Ranking report at the presence of over 10 media reports. The released was followed by our traditional expert panel discussion, which this year was themed How far can traditional fuel vehicle go". Among participants were Dr. Jiang Kejun, senior researcher of the Energy Research Institute (ERI) of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Dr. Liu Zongwei, associate professor of Tsinghua Automotive Strategy Research Institute (TASRI), Mr. Ma Dong, program director of Vehicle Emissions Control Center of the MEP (MEP-VECC), Ms. Xin Yan, the Program Officer of Transportation Program, Energy Foundation China, Mr. Sun Hongbo, founder of Xiaoxiongyouhao, Mr. Wang Changqing, Manager of north China area at Star Charge, and Dr. An Feng, Founder and Executive Director of iCET.
iCET presented at the International Forum on ITS
iCET's founder and president, Dr An Feng, was invited to present at the International Forum on ITS hosted by the Ministry of Transport in Nanjing on September 8th. Co organizers of the event were the National ITS Engineering Technology Research Center and China Intelligent Transportation Industry Alliance. Dr An shared his views on China's and global future transportation and sustainable mobility as part of the Future of Transportation panel of the event.
iCET was invited as an EV-expert to attend "Blue-Tech" Clean Air Media Training Session and educate journalists
On August 29th, 2017, the Innovation Center for Clean-air Solutions (ICCS) jointly with Center for Environmental Education and Communications of China Ministry of Environment Protection (MEP) hosted the 4th Blue-Tech Clean Air Media Training Session. During the event, a report titles “analysis of EV-Taxi promotion experiences in Taiyuan and subsequent recommendations” was released by ICCS ,
China's Auto Magazine published iCET’s CAFC management and NEV credits analysis
On July 25, China's Auto Magazine published iCET's CAFC management and NEV credits analysis, following its independent WeChat release which attracted 672 viewers and echoed in various media platforms (Sohu cars, Phoenix cars, Tencent cars, RedDot cars, World Wide Web etc.).
iCET contributed to GaoDe's impactful quarterly analysis highlighting the usefulness of new big-data sources in urban transportation, "Major cities' Transport Analysis"
iCET contributed to GaoDe's impactful quarterly analysis highlighting the usefulness of new big-data sources in urban transportation, "Major cities' Transport Analysis". Along with its long term partner Xiaoxiong App, iCET highlighted that there is a gap between passenger vehicles' reported fuel consumption and actual real-world fuel consumption, directly impacting carbon emissions.
iCET presented China’s NEV development and challenges at IYSECC 9.0
iCET was invited to present its work at the 9th International Youth Summit on Energy and Climate Change (IYSECC 9.0) hosted by Tianjin University on July 10-12. iCET’s Clean Transportation Project Manager, Ms Emma Wang, introduced China’s NEV development and challenges and had an interactive discussion with the students.
iCET was invited to present its new-data in transport policy project at a World Bank GEF organized event in Chengdu
On June 23rd, iCET was invited to present its new-data in transport policy project at the “Chengdu City Congestion Reduction Policy and Measures” seminar part of the World Bank GEF Large-City Congestion and Carbon Reduction project (CP3). Ms Emma Wang, iCET’s Clean Transportation Project Manager shared the highlights of the novel UBER case study for assessing actual fuel consumption (FC) and emission factors (EF).
iCET Clean Transportation Program Research Analyst
iCET Clean Transportation Program Research Analyst.we welcome you to join us!
iCET co-authored the paper entitled Global bioenergy sustainability initiatives and implications for policy making in China
iCET Clean Transportation Senior Manager, Kang Liping, co-authored an academic paper on global bioenergy sustainability initiatives and implications for policy making in China with associate professor Dr. Chang Shiyan of Tsinghua's Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy. The paper aims at stablishing systematic criteria and indicators to provide clear and executable guidelines China’s sustainable bioenergy development. The paper builds on regulation promulgated in several regions in the world as well as works of international institutions, such as the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

ICE vehicle energy efficiency improvements should be highlighted along with NEV in pursuit of CAFC target
In April, Ministry of MIIT, NDRC and MOST jointly issued the "Long-Term Development Plan for the Automobile Industry," reaffirming the importance of technological advancement for improving energy efficiency. During the 12th Five Year Plan (FYP), the development of new energy vehicles played an important role, as was demonstrated by economic policies (e.g. subsidies and research grants) and regulatory policies (manufacturing requirements). Yet energy efficient vehicles technologies did not keep a similar pace, perhaps partially because of the relatively non-stringent vehicle fuel consumption (FC) requirements. This brief highlights some major issues srrounding standard implementation, a prep form our annual CAFC report.
iCET co-organized New Technology of Urban Zero Emission Transportation Forum”
May 24th, iCET co-organized and presented at the "New Technology of Urban Zero Emission Transportation Forum" held by the China Academy of Transportation Science of MoT at Beijing Exhibition Center. In conjunction to the forum, a 3-day exhibition was held, attracting over 150 national and international attendees.
iCET released the official BestEV system
On the afternoon of May 3rd, 2017, iCET along with its 9 coalition members, have finally released the official BestEV system (App and website). Among the 40 attendees were government agencies, NGOs, auto manufacturers, and media representatives. Over 20 online media outputs covering the event were traced since, and new coalition members have reached out to the non-profit initiator of this collaborative effort, iCET, asking to join in.

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